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Mumbai Expat Networking

Mumbai Expat Club – Where do Expats network or meet for leisure in Mumbai?


Moving to a new city for work or fun may not be that easy if you do not have family and friends around, one may start feeling lonely soon. If you are an Expat relocating to this beautiful city called Mumbai and have would like to network with fellow expats below are your best available options. These Expat Groups organize various events and get togethers in all parts of the city. There are country specific groups which you can be a part of in some these forums.


Internations is the worlds largest Expat Community. They have groups in over 300 cities of the world. All members of Internations are verifed and Handpicked. Here is a link to their website

Mumbai Connexions: 

Mumbai Connexions is a multinational organisation serving the community, enjoying the amazing sights of India and having fun socializing with other expats from around the world. Here is a link to their website if you need more information

Mumbai Expat Club:

Mumbai Expat Club is started by Celetones Entertainment with the sole purpose of networking through entertainment. Here is a link to their website