Where do Expats Live in Mumbai?

There are many locations in Mumbai preferred by Expats to make it their home depending upon the following factors not necessarily in the order – proximity to workplace, Kids School,  and Age Group and many other such factors.

We will talk about some of the most preferred locations and also why and when should one live here.

Bandra/Khar & Santacruz:

Bandra and its neighbourhood tops the list among all other areas in Mumbai. Bandra is known as the queen of suburbs and is home to large number of expats from all countries of the world. Bandra has its own charm, the buildings here are mostly standalone with little or amenities but the vibe of this place is very different than other parts of the city. Bandra has many quiet locations surrounded by greens. There are many chapels and churches in this area as this area is mostly dominated by anglo indian community.


Bandra has some of the finest restaurants to satiate your taste buds and its also well know for its nightlife and pub culture.

Here are a few reasons why you should live in Bandra & it’s neighborhood.